26 05 2009

(Two Weeks back…)addiction
Friend: Machi… my parents are watching mega serials the whole evening and I don’t get to see IPL!
Me: Tell me about it!!!! All the parents are the same!!!But I am happy at least our generation is much better 😉
Friend: Ha… look who is talking about that!
Me: I don’t watch stupid mega serials.
Friend: Then what is that you watch on your laptop all the time? I’m sure its not a movie, I see the same cast all the time.
Me: Wellllll…. thats different…. Its interesting and definelty not like the serials they air on our Indian Channels.
Friend: But… forget it..
(I never let my friends win any argument! 😉 )

And that’s when I realized “WTF, I am just another hypocrite!”

It all started in May 2007. One of my friends in my earlier organization gave me the whole FRIENDS series and compelled me to watch it. I just copied that stuff to my HDD because my sister used to watch FRIENDS and thought she might be interested in burning them to DVDs. Later when I moved to Hyderabad, I dint have much work to do in my new company and I started watching movies all the time. One fine evening when I ran out of movies in my HDD, I thought I will give FRIENDS a try. I started with S01E01 and ended up watching the entire season back to back the whole night. And finished the whole series in 2 weeks!

After a couple of weeks, during a Java training session, few guys were discussing about Prison Break. And I had no clue what was Prison Break. I managed to get the first two seasons and finished it in 2 weeks. It was too interesting I started downloading the rest of the episodes as soon as they were aired.

And that’s how I ended up following these TV Shows:

2. Prison Break
3. South Park
5. Scrubs
6. How I met your mother
7. Heroes
8. 30 Rock
9. Californication
10. House M.D

So I decided to break this habit and I was serial free for the past one week. (The main reason being none of the above were aired last week 😀 )

Last Friday when I was over the phone with my friend, we were discussing about the characters in HIMYM esp. Barney Stinson and I ended up watching the HIMYM Season 1-4 again that weekend!!!

Somebody SAVE ME from this addiction!!!!