RSS Made Easy

28 08 2009

Never heard of RSS? Watch this video and you will thank me!

When there are a lot of RSS readers available I still see people using Firefox Live Feeds (bookmarks) or iGoogle. Well, those are OK if you are just following a few feeds! But if you are like me who keeps subscribing to any interesting website you come across, then you need a more powerful reader!

Google Reader

Reasons why I use Google Reader:

  1. Getting started and subscribing to feed is very easy
  2. Mark items for future reference
  3. Share interesting items with friends. My shared items can be accessed by anyone from here.
  4. Its online – access from anywhere
  5. Its from Google
  6. Its FREE!

You will learn how to use Google Reader within minutes but just in case if need more assistance, video tutorials are available here.

FeedDemon (Windows Only):

  1. Subscribe to Intranet feeds – There are a lot of feeds which I follow within my company’s firewall and Google Reader doesn’t support that.
  2. Sync’s seamlessly with Google Reader – Link your google reader account with FeedDemon and you can sync your feeds.
  3. Its FREE!

NetNewsWire (Mac Only):

  1. Its from the same company which owns FeedDemon
  2. Subscribe to Intranet feeds
  3. Sync’s seamlessly with Google Reader
  4. Mac client – At home I use my MacBook and not my offical windows laptop.
  5. Its FREE!

Note:  In the current Beta version you can only use either 2 or 3. The Final version which is scheduled for this month end will have both the features.

Comment if you have any questions or suggestions! Esp if you use a better RSS reader 😉




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