Ghajini Vs Ghajini

29 12 2008

aamirkhanghajini2I watched Aamir’s Ghajini on 25th December at Bangalore and Surya’s Ghajini(Tamil Version) a couple of years back in Chennai. Though Ghajini was inspired from Memento I request no one to compare it with the original. Memento is an excellent movie with an extra-ordinary screenplay. Whereas Ghajini is a Masala movie to entertain Indian audience. SuryaGhajini

Though the Hindi version is a remake of the Tamil I found a lot of difference between the two.

+ Though the songs by Harrish Jeyaraj in Tamil were super dooper hits I prefer A.R.Rahman’s tunes. And if I am not wrong ‘Sutrum Vizhi Sudare’ was the song of the year but Guzarish is much better.
+ Tamil Ghajini’s Climax sucked big time!
+ Kaise Mujhe song was not there in the Tamil version. Music and Lyrics were too good. The cinematography was excellent and nothing to comment about Aamir’s ace acting.
– Makeup was not that good in the Hindi version. There wasn’t much difference between the two Aamirs'(before and after the incident). He should have gained weight only after shooting the Flash back sequences(like Mani Ratnam’s Nayagan or Guru).
– The title Ghajini doesn’t suit the movie. It would have been better if the villian’s name was not Ghajini like in the Tamil version. Its actually the Hero who is like Ghajini Mohammed.
– BGM sucked big time in both the versions.




One response

10 01 2009

Ghajini has proved to be a great movie… and rightly so. Aamir Khan rules… he is an actor of the classes. SRK really needs to learn a thing and more from aamir about acting. Apart from Chak De… all his movies find him enacting the same way… infact he gets on the nerves nowadays.

Ghajini is a beautifully picturised blend of raw action and sweet romance. The songs are picturized beautifully.. behka, guzarish as well as kaise mujhe. Infact, you would take home ‘Kaise mujhe’ with you emotionally by the time the movie ends. Quite emotionally attaching.

Another too good performance by Aamir Khan. He looks so very young and handsome/smart. he is just too good. The background score was superb. The screenplay was done with masterly skills. Aamir is the # 1 all over.

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