Hope – A curse in disguise

10 12 2008

It would be incorrect if I say I don’t believe in HOPE rather I usually don’t hope for anything and to be honest I don’t know why. One potential reason could be that I am scared to face disappointments. Be it exam scores, promotions, salary hike, birthday gifts or surprise parties I never look forward to it like the majority of the world does.tombstone-clipart

Said all these, there was this period in my life when I actually hoped for something to happen and kept dreaming about it all the time. A couple of months back I realized that its not going to happen which tore me apart  but still there was this .1% of hope left unflushed. What I observed in the recent days is, that small amount of  hope never clears out though it appears as if it is diminishing which is not quiet true. But as the days pass by, I have to draw a line to it but I couldn’t. The hope has started haunting me. All the good dreams I had now seems like nightmares. Maybe its time to give up and surrender but not sure how.

I regret that I hoped and I am prepared to live with it for the rest of my life! The dream of pursuing a masters degree in computer science will rest in peace within me!




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12 12 2008

Very true… hope always haunts us untill we achieve it. But on the other hand, life becomes so simple when we do not hope/aim for something.
With all these little hopes does a man survive, gets up everyday to see a new morning hoping to achieve his hope or to start up with his new hope… 🙂
At the end of day we should be thankful with what we have today and always hope for something new and life goes on n on n on…!!!!

24 12 2008

So you started blogging too..be regular!

27 05 2009

NO !
You can still do it…. Apply to some univ this coming fall or spring. ,its not just abt the degree.. im sure u wud know all the comp stuff that is reqd for a masters degree by now.. but Its a great experience dude.. may be a 1 yr mba if u cant spare 2 years. You shud do it soon before its too late. Hope ive done my bit to resurrect that dying hope.

This is how the ever diminishing, dying hope haunts again and again. 🙂

27 05 2009

Dude…. This is not fair!!! 😦

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